About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to take special care when making leather jackets as we have been taught the emphasis is on quality, not quantity. This business was started purely from the passion of producing authentic leather jackets as good as it could be, and being proud of the results.

Our objectives are to deliver the very best quality in everything we do, from primary production to manufacturing and packaging materials. Our operations and collaboration in worldwide countries give us greater opportunities to be efficient and strategic and to function well.

Cooperate with Us!

We are always open to new partnerships.
We are interested in long-term reliable cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. We are always looking for new distribution channels, market niches, and innovative decisions in all aspects of our and our partners’ businesses.

We make more efforts than others and always achieve the planned results. We are actively cooperating with suppliers of raw materials and equipment, technologies and services, logistics companies, and the media, observing the principle of transparency in relations.

Who We Are?

Leather Jackets Designer is a family-owned lifestyle brand starting from Canada, with over thirty-five years of experience in leathercraft, bringing authenticity to every product they create. If you want to know anything else about us, you can always contact our customer services department to get the required information.

What We Really Do?

Everything about our jackets is just perfect; from the design, style, color to the quality of the leather used, or the precision of the cut lines. Everyone involved in the process – be they designers, tailors, or quality experts – strives to achieve perfection in their work.

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